Sunday, 9 September 2012


the weather is starting to warm here in today I am out planting petunias,although we still have slight frosts,the days are gorgeous,I have hollyhocks coming up.and will today scatter some Larkspur seeds around,we live on 10 acres but my garden is surrounded by a Dry stonewall,[my hubbies trade]  I hope they all come up within 6 weeks as we are booked by the Drystonewalling assoc of Australia to do a workshop on our propery and ofcourse being a woman I want it to look pretty hahahaha...
this is a miniature punchneedle 4inch square Rug made for Jeanette in Tasmania..


here is a photo of a 'Butlers Sink' I made for a friend [Vera ]in the Uk..

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


my mini knitting needle's,..tiny mini crochet hook,..pattern's and wool have now arrived,..
I have so far attempted miniature 'Granny Squares'  for a 1:12th scale Afghan..
 seems a bit big for 1:12 scale but will look nice when finished,..
     today is damp again here so I have been inside most of the morning
 and started a 'MillHill' Buttons&Beads x-stitch on perforated paper... working on perforated
 paper makes it lay better for framing ..
                                   I want to get started on a 1:12 scale room box over the weekend
for a group project .. we will all be doing a different one which should be fun.. hope everyone else is finding fun things to do  ;)  

Monday, 20 August 2012

Thankyou Barb and Sandie

thankyou to Barb in US and Sandie in Oz I may now be getting the hang of this blogging,
what would we be without friends (((VBG))))....

Sunday, 19 August 2012