Tuesday, 21 August 2012


my mini knitting needle's,..tiny mini crochet hook,..pattern's and wool have now arrived,..
I have so far attempted miniature 'Granny Squares'  for a 1:12th scale Afghan..
 seems a bit big for 1:12 scale but will look nice when finished,..
     today is damp again here so I have been inside most of the morning
 and started a 'MillHill' Buttons&Beads x-stitch on perforated paper... working on perforated
 paper makes it lay better for framing ..
                                   I want to get started on a 1:12 scale room box over the weekend
for a group project .. we will all be doing a different one which should be fun.. hope everyone else is finding fun things to do  ;)  

Monday, 20 August 2012

Thankyou Barb and Sandie

thankyou to Barb in US and Sandie in Oz I may now be getting the hang of this blogging,
what would we be without friends (((VBG))))....

Sunday, 19 August 2012

I have got back into Miniatures after 15 years absence,
 I will put up pics of what I am doing shortly..

Doll's I have made........

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these girls a from a Pattern called 'Best friends' I have made lots of these for friends..................
this Guy's name is 'Phidias' I really enjoyed making him...
this 'Mammy' is from a pattern by designer Ginny from 'Happyheartspatterns'  she made from sculpted Doll fabric..Ginny has the most wonderful doll patterns and I have most of them ....

'Mammies-Lil-Babies'  they sure love thier shortnin bread ..
  another pattern by 'HappyHeartspatterns...

here are another 2 versions of "Best Friends'
  I call them ' A Mothers Love'..  I really love making these type of